in Bathroom Design Tips - 16 Jul, 2013
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What is the current trend in bathrooms?

People are changing the way they use their bathrooms. No longer simply a place to scrub up, the bathroom is becoming a relaxing sanctuary filled with luxurious features. Here are some of the current trends taking over the world of bathrooms:

Let there be light:
The biggest trend is towards brightness. This means larger windows, additional light fittings, glass partitions and plenty of extra mirrors, making the modern bathroom a light and airy haven.

Showers and steam:
The shower is slowly taking over where the bath once dominated. The new trend is for larger and more powerful showers. Some people opt for a wet-room design, whereby the entire room is tiled so as to become essentially one big shower. A fully tiled bathroom can also be easily converted into a steam room, which is another popular option at the moment. Usually extra drainage is fitted, plus a door seal so that the room retains that luxurious steamy feel for longer.

Toilets out:
The bathroom is the new personal spa, so the toilet is one thing you don’t want to be staring at whilst trying to relax. The toilet itself is now being banished behind low walls, or even out of master bathrooms completely.

The stone look:
The big trend at the moment is moving away from the standard glazed tiles and going for the look and feel of genuine stone tiling. It has a warmer, more homely tone, although it’s recommended that neutral colours are chosen, as the darker, more imposing shades can sometimes be overwhelming.

Stylish storage:
The addition of free-standing storage cupboards means that towels and other items can all be kept inside the bathroom for ease of access, instead of in a separate linen closet. The favoured colour for all towels now is plain white, to add to that spa look.

A splash of colour:
Despite the move towards clean white spaces, contemporary bathroom design is not averse to a hint of colour – as long as it’s bright. Orange, red or turquoise accent features such as corner curtains and small floor mats break up the monochrome.