in Bathroom Design Tips - 24 Aug, 2013
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Does having good bathroom lighting make for a better quality bathroom?

Good bathroom lighting techniques will change your bathroom to a warm and attractive place. Light in your bathroom ought to be bright and work well when layered. Combining some lighting elements will help you make an ambient glow which improves the bathroom decor as well as complements your mirror image.

Task Lighting

Task lighting gives sufficient light to perform tasks like shaving or applying beauty products in front of the mirror. Avoid recessed fixtures since they cast unpleasant shadows. Instead, put fixtures that contain two or three bulbs above the mirrors, or frame your mirror using globe lamp strips. Cove lighting hides bulbs placed under ledges and cornices offers bright indirect light. Use frosted bulbs to reduce glare. Use halogen as well as incandescent bulbs to produce most flattering glow. You can use compact or strip fluorescent bulbs but choose products which produce a warm light. An option can be neodymium light bulbs. They tend to imitate sunlight and gives off a color spectrum which is useful when applying make-up.

General Bathroom Lighting

Use sufficient lighting in shower and bathtub sections. A dimming option is great especially over bathtubs. To ensure safety, use UL- rated bulbs that are accepted for damp areas. Soften light as well as lessen glare by use of frosted glass diffusers that has warm fluorescent flood lights or halogen. Redirect light toward wall surfaces and corner edges by use of baffle trims. Illuminate walls and ceiling using recessed lighting.

Accent Lighting

A lamp on a vanity table or bathroom island gives warmness and character to your bathroom. It will radiate a candle-like glow which is appealing on any skin tone.


Remember that over lighting your bathroom is better than not having sufficient light. Install dimmers which will enable you to control the level of light and set the mood. Avoid use of cool fluorescent bulbs because they can make your skin look unhealthy. Maximize natural light if possible.