Bathroom Design Tips
in Bathroom Design Tips - 12 Oct, 2013
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Walking around your home and all you can see is improvements projects. The living room is good but could do with a nice touch of paint to the window frames. The dinning room needs that little touch of class on the walls and will definitely benefit from a nice picture on the wall. You can […]

in Bathroom Design Tips - 24 Aug, 2013
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Good bathroom lighting techniques will change your bathroom to a warm and attractive place. Light in your bathroom ought to be bright and work well when layered. Combining some lighting elements will help you make an ambient glow which improves the bathroom decor as well as complements your mirror image. Task Lighting Task lighting gives […]

in Bathroom Design Tips - 16 Jul, 2013
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People are changing the way they use their bathrooms. No longer simply a place to scrub up, the bathroom is becoming a relaxing sanctuary filled with luxurious features. Here are some of the current trends taking over the world of bathrooms: Let there be light: The biggest trend is towards brightness. This means larger windows, […]