in Bathroom Design Tips - 12 Oct, 2013
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Bathrom taps mixes or straight taps !

Walking around your home and all you can see is improvements projects. The living room is good but could do with a nice touch of paint to the window frames. The dinning room needs that little touch of class on the walls and will definitely benefit from a nice picture on the wall.

You can order a print from your trip to France last year and that will sort out the dinning room, a quick trip to the paint shop and you can sort out the window frames. But when you walk into the bathroom, all you see is major projects.Bathroom taps

One of the easiest ways to improve your bathroom is to focus on the aspects you will see the most. The bathroom mirror is somewhere you look every morning, the towel rack draws your attention every time you use the bathroom and then there is the eye sore at the end of the bath.

A trip to the shop will highlight the next problem. What sort of bathrom taps do you want? Are you looking for a single tap which mixes the hot and the cold together or are you after straight taps which keep the water separate.

The elegance of a single mix tap has for centuries highlighted the end of many baths. The single stream of water flowing like a waterfall, can evoke the peace and tranquility you would associate with a natural pool and ensure you have the relaxing experience a bath really demands.

Taking complete control of your experience and installing straight bathrom taps allows a wider variety of range. You can change the position of the two taps and put them on different corners instead of having to have them both on the same end of the bath.

However you choose to proceed with your bathroom improvements, your choice of taps will ensure that you have created the room of your dreams and one which will let you relax.