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Walking around your home and all you can see is improvements projects. The living room is good but could do with a nice touch of paint to the window frames. The dinning room needs that little touch of class on the walls and will definitely benefit from a nice picture on the wall.

You can order a print from your trip to France last year and that will sort out the dinning room, a quick trip to the paint shop and you can sort out the window frames. But when you walk into the bathroom, all you see is major projects.Bathroom taps

One of the easiest ways to improve your bathroom is to focus on the aspects you will see the most. The bathroom mirror is somewhere you look every morning, the towel rack draws your attention every time you use the bathroom and then there is the eye sore at the end of the bath.

A trip to the shop will highlight the next problem. What sort of bathrom taps do you want? Are you looking for a single tap which mixes the hot and the cold together or are you after straight taps which keep the water separate.

The elegance of a single mix tap has for centuries highlighted the end of many baths. The single stream of water flowing like a waterfall, can evoke the peace and tranquility you would associate with a natural pool and ensure you have the relaxing experience a bath really demands.

Taking complete control of your experience and installing straight bathrom taps allows a wider variety of range. You can change the position of the two taps and put them on different corners instead of having to have them both on the same end of the bath.

However you choose to proceed with your bathroom improvements, your choice of taps will ensure that you have created the room of your dreams and one which will let you relax.

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Loan, in any form, can lead to a lot of stress for the new home owner. Paying the mortgage and closing cost can be a hassle but the last minute fitting and renovations can take a toll on a person. A home equity loan can be an easy way out for those who want to get a new bathroom and all its fitments done. These renovations may make your home look beautiful and classy but the pros and cons are to be weighed in order for you to figure out whether you really need these changes. If your cash and liquid assets are falling short of this endeavour, then credit card should be your new best friend. But if you decide on a home equity pay out, then these are the few things that you will have to keep in mind.

Chrome Tap ShowerThe pros of this decision are many especially because the interest rates are much lower than credit cards and any other kind of lending. The amount that is available for such renovations are also excessively large, and so the renovations get done on time and are fast. These quick renovations allow for a brilliant attribute to the house but the large amounts also lead to a couple of major problems or disadvantages. These large low interest money amounts can lead to a person spending on unrelated things and on a more grand level when the same work can be done easily with less money. The loan should be taken only if it is specifically for one area of the house such as the bathroom.

These home related purchases are easily done with liquid assets or saving accounts and one should not generally opt for a borrowing. But if one still does, it is advisable that they focus on one area and do not deflect, because then it creates a false sense of security and more money than one actually has at his/her liberty.

For an easy loan even for bad and poor credit loans try they are on hand to discuss all loan requirement

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Good bathroom lighting techniques will change your bathroom to a warm and attractive place. Light in your bathroom ought to be bright and work well when layered. Combining some lighting elements will help you make an ambient glow which improves the bathroom decor as well as complements your mirror image.

Task Lighting

Task lighting gives sufficient light to perform tasks like shaving or applying beauty products in front of the mirror. Avoid recessed fixtures since they cast unpleasant shadows. Instead, put fixtures that contain two or three bulbs above the mirrors, or frame your mirror using globe lamp strips. Cove lighting hides bulbs placed under ledges and cornices offers bright indirect light. Use frosted bulbs to reduce glare. Use halogen as well as incandescent bulbs to produce most flattering glow. You can use compact or strip fluorescent bulbs but choose products which produce a warm light. An option can be neodymium light bulbs. They tend to imitate sunlight and gives off a color spectrum which is useful when applying make-up.

General Bathroom Lighting

Use sufficient lighting in shower and bathtub sections. A dimming option is great especially over bathtubs. To ensure safety, use UL- rated bulbs that are accepted for damp areas. Soften light as well as lessen glare by use of frosted glass diffusers that has warm fluorescent flood lights or halogen. Redirect light toward wall surfaces and corner edges by use of baffle trims. Illuminate walls and ceiling using recessed lighting.

Accent Lighting

A lamp on a vanity table or bathroom island gives warmness and character to your bathroom. It will radiate a candle-like glow which is appealing on any skin tone.


Remember that over lighting your bathroom is better than not having sufficient light. Install dimmers which will enable you to control the level of light and set the mood. Avoid use of cool fluorescent bulbs because they can make your skin look unhealthy. Maximize natural light if possible.

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People are changing the way they use their bathrooms. No longer simply a place to scrub up, the bathroom is becoming a relaxing sanctuary filled with luxurious features. Here are some of the current trends taking over the world of bathrooms:

Let there be light:
The biggest trend is towards brightness. This means larger windows, additional light fittings, glass partitions and plenty of extra mirrors, making the modern bathroom a light and airy haven.

Showers and steam:
The shower is slowly taking over where the bath once dominated. The new trend is for larger and more powerful showers. Some people opt for a wet-room design, whereby the entire room is tiled so as to become essentially one big shower. A fully tiled bathroom can also be easily converted into a steam room, which is another popular option at the moment. Usually extra drainage is fitted, plus a door seal so that the room retains that luxurious steamy feel for longer.

Toilets out:
The bathroom is the new personal spa, so the toilet is one thing you don’t want to be staring at whilst trying to relax. The toilet itself is now being banished behind low walls, or even out of master bathrooms completely.

The stone look:
The big trend at the moment is moving away from the standard glazed tiles and going for the look and feel of genuine stone tiling. It has a warmer, more homely tone, although it’s recommended that neutral colours are chosen, as the darker, more imposing shades can sometimes be overwhelming.

Stylish storage:
The addition of free-standing storage cupboards means that towels and other items can all be kept inside the bathroom for ease of access, instead of in a separate linen closet. The favoured colour for all towels now is plain white, to add to that spa look.

A splash of colour:
Despite the move towards clean white spaces, contemporary bathroom design is not averse to a hint of colour – as long as it’s bright. Orange, red or turquoise accent features such as corner curtains and small floor mats break up the monochrome.